Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Struggles with School

Well for those of you that have children you can relate to the struggles of getting your children to do their homework, For those of you like me that homeschool that struggle is DAILY.....

A few weeks back Logan and I REALLY butted heads. I was at my wits end crying, and threatening to put Logan in to Public School ( that's as bad as telling my child that he never having desserts again. ) Sorry public school folks but we are ANTI PUBLIC SCHOOL

well Nolan came up with a simple yet effective way to get school done with out the fighting or crying.

We now have weekly meetings which usually take place on Sunday sometime and go through the books and write down what he wants to accomplish that week. Now Nolan and I have the power to say YEAH OR NAY depending on the amount he has chosen.
this system has worked magnificently He knows what he is responsible for that day and if he does not get it done he does not get to do anything fun like fishing, watching TV. riding his bike and so fourth.

So the whole point of this post is basically to let all you know that were a tad concerned with me and my mental state WE ARE DOING GREAT..... I had a brief meltdown but I am back and more determined to give my boys the best education possible.


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