Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our wild and crazy Monday

Ok so I have told you all that I am selling Barefoot Books, Well I received my books in the mail yesterday along with the Catalogs. Now I don't know which one I love best. The books are AMAZING the boys sat there for over an hour listening to me read the stories. Brae actually sat still for a hour. (yes my ansy child who has NOOOOO patience at all and getting him to sit still is like pulling teeth sat very still and ate up all the stories. ) the art work in these books is so incredibaly beautiful.
but then I pulled out one of the catologs and OH MY GRACIOUS... these are the most beautiful catalogs I have ever seen. Im not wanting to pass them out they are so pretty. hehehe

Now I am choppin at the bit to get my website up and running. I just know that all who look at these books are going to be as amazed as i am....

I read 7 different stories from all over the world yesterday the boys found them both entertaining and educational.
I am so greatful the Lord led me to find these books I LOVE BOOKS to begin with but these are, well really I just can't explain how much I love them.....

on a side Note Logan caught a fish yesterday....he was actully reeling in when it went after his bait. He was soooooo excited that I thought he was going to piddle himself.

In fact between being so excited and overly tired he woke up or so we thought at 11:45, went to Nolan and woke him up. Nolan asked whats wrong he said nothing came around to myside of the bed woke me up.

ME: Whats Wrong?
Logan: Hold on
Me: Logan whats wrong?
Logan: Just a sec
Me: Are you going to get sick?
Logan: Just a sec?

by this time Nolan has gotten outta bed walked over to were Logan was

Nolan: Logan are you going to get sick?
Logan: muble somthing
Nolan: WHAT?

by this time Nolan is laughing. as he realizes Logan is sleep walking yet again. He takes Logan into the bathroom. a few seconds later Logan comes walking out looking everywhere and Nolan is busting up laughing.

I am like what. He says. Logan wants to cast out. so he is looking for his pole... Poor Logan is walking all over our room looking for it and gets angry cause he can't find it. So nolan was like there is the water cast out. Logan says I CAN"T SEE THE WATER.....

finally I tell Nolan to put cold water on Logan he does Logan comes too and was like WHAT???

we get him to bed and Nolan is busting up laughing. I said YOUR MEAN.... he says I COULDN"T RESIST IT...

I tell ya. its never a dull moment here.

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