Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Its Spring.

and the weather is MESSED UP.... so I ask how does it go from being 89 one day to 60 the next with horrid thundershowers and then all in that same day get back up to 89? I swear Texas has the MOST jacked up weather I have ever seen...

I mean don't get me wrong I love that my boys can play outside 12 months outta the year. (unlike Wa were its more like 2 months outta the year)
but I swear after 5 years I am still to used to Texas crazy weather. Like today. the Weather man said we were going to have massive thunder showers and possible Tornado watch.. UM HELLO IT RAINED A TAD AND THAT'S IT.... WHERE ARE THESE STORMS? not that I want them and all I would rather NO storms. but come on ARE THEY EVER RIGHT?

With that said i think I am officially NOT listening to the weather man anymore... RUSTY GARRETT YOUR OUTTA HERE.

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