Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Its Spring.

and the weather is MESSED UP.... so I ask how does it go from being 89 one day to 60 the next with horrid thundershowers and then all in that same day get back up to 89? I swear Texas has the MOST jacked up weather I have ever seen...

I mean don't get me wrong I love that my boys can play outside 12 months outta the year. (unlike Wa were its more like 2 months outta the year)
but I swear after 5 years I am still to used to Texas crazy weather. Like today. the Weather man said we were going to have massive thunder showers and possible Tornado watch.. UM HELLO IT RAINED A TAD AND THAT'S IT.... WHERE ARE THESE STORMS? not that I want them and all I would rather NO storms. but come on ARE THEY EVER RIGHT?

With that said i think I am officially NOT listening to the weather man anymore... RUSTY GARRETT YOUR OUTTA HERE.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I had the Mammogram today and it was A-OK.... the Radiologist says my boobies are PERFECT. besides the flab they have nothing that would cause concern.... HALLELUJAH AND PRAISE THE LORD... this whole thing has caused me lots and lots of stress and scared outta my big girl panties to say the least.

With that I thank the Lord for keeping me safe but it makes me sad to think of all the woman then found out today they had breast cancer. I pray that the Lord God will be with them all and comfort them.

Monday, April 20, 2009

when the going gets tough..... PLAY WITH LEGO'S

well this past weekend was AUGHHHH!!!! to say the least. Nolan and brae were both down for the count with some nasty head bug. I had to work Friday at the church till after 10 then be up bright and early for the Susan G Komen walk. (even if the weather was not BRIGHT but rather dull and drizzly)
I strapped on the T-shirt Logan was going to wear on Sadie and hooked up her leach and off she and i went to do the walk. It was so exhilarating and exciting and emotional. Now I know what my sisters mean when they say its a true emotional roller coaster. Now if only I could raise the funds to fly up and do the 3 day walk with my sister. But that's a WHOLE other post.

so after doing the walk with my friend and my doggy I came home wet and tired. spent the entire day flat on my back ( being tired and all, not from hurting myself) watching movies with the boys.

Beverly Hille Chihuhu Deffintaly TWO THUMBS UP
and THE WOMEN ( that was for me not the boys) also very cute but I am giving it only 1 thumbs up. ( the whole infidelity and all made me think, instead of kicking out the cheater BEAT HIM WITHIN A INCH OF HIS LIFE... would have giving the movie TWO THUMBS. But I am not the writer or director so its getting a ONE THUMB.)

then on Sunday got up watched Fireproof. Now it was a good movie but nothing like watching a movie to let you know your walk with the Lord NEEDS DEFINITE WORK to get you in a DEPRESSED MOOD. then the boys and Nolan planted seeds for the garden while I cleaned house.

Monday we got up went to the church nursery then off to take my Oreck to get a check-up.
( yes you read that right. My vaccume received a yearly PHYSICAL today...hehehehehe)

then home for lunch, off again to pick up the kids I babysit take her to her appointment and home again.
to wear I made a HUGE yummy salad and then walked 3 miles.
now I am sure you are all thinking WHAT IN GOD"S NAME DOES ANY OF THIS HAVE TO DO WITH LEGOS....
and the answer is simply NOTHING... other than my boys made some wicked awsome Lego ships that I wanted to share....
so enjoy

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Struggles with School

Well for those of you that have children you can relate to the struggles of getting your children to do their homework, For those of you like me that homeschool that struggle is DAILY.....

A few weeks back Logan and I REALLY butted heads. I was at my wits end crying, and threatening to put Logan in to Public School ( that's as bad as telling my child that he never having desserts again. ) Sorry public school folks but we are ANTI PUBLIC SCHOOL

well Nolan came up with a simple yet effective way to get school done with out the fighting or crying.

We now have weekly meetings which usually take place on Sunday sometime and go through the books and write down what he wants to accomplish that week. Now Nolan and I have the power to say YEAH OR NAY depending on the amount he has chosen.
this system has worked magnificently He knows what he is responsible for that day and if he does not get it done he does not get to do anything fun like fishing, watching TV. riding his bike and so fourth.

So the whole point of this post is basically to let all you know that were a tad concerned with me and my mental state WE ARE DOING GREAT..... I had a brief meltdown but I am back and more determined to give my boys the best education possible.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our wild and crazy Monday

Ok so I have told you all that I am selling Barefoot Books, Well I received my books in the mail yesterday along with the Catalogs. Now I don't know which one I love best. The books are AMAZING the boys sat there for over an hour listening to me read the stories. Brae actually sat still for a hour. (yes my ansy child who has NOOOOO patience at all and getting him to sit still is like pulling teeth sat very still and ate up all the stories. ) the art work in these books is so incredibaly beautiful.
but then I pulled out one of the catologs and OH MY GRACIOUS... these are the most beautiful catalogs I have ever seen. Im not wanting to pass them out they are so pretty. hehehe

Now I am choppin at the bit to get my website up and running. I just know that all who look at these books are going to be as amazed as i am....

I read 7 different stories from all over the world yesterday the boys found them both entertaining and educational.
I am so greatful the Lord led me to find these books I LOVE BOOKS to begin with but these are, well really I just can't explain how much I love them.....

on a side Note Logan caught a fish yesterday....he was actully reeling in when it went after his bait. He was soooooo excited that I thought he was going to piddle himself.

In fact between being so excited and overly tired he woke up or so we thought at 11:45, went to Nolan and woke him up. Nolan asked whats wrong he said nothing came around to myside of the bed woke me up.

ME: Whats Wrong?
Logan: Hold on
Me: Logan whats wrong?
Logan: Just a sec
Me: Are you going to get sick?
Logan: Just a sec?

by this time Nolan has gotten outta bed walked over to were Logan was

Nolan: Logan are you going to get sick?
Logan: muble somthing
Nolan: WHAT?

by this time Nolan is laughing. as he realizes Logan is sleep walking yet again. He takes Logan into the bathroom. a few seconds later Logan comes walking out looking everywhere and Nolan is busting up laughing.

I am like what. He says. Logan wants to cast out. so he is looking for his pole... Poor Logan is walking all over our room looking for it and gets angry cause he can't find it. So nolan was like there is the water cast out. Logan says I CAN"T SEE THE WATER.....

finally I tell Nolan to put cold water on Logan he does Logan comes too and was like WHAT???

we get him to bed and Nolan is busting up laughing. I said YOUR MEAN.... he says I COULDN"T RESIST IT...

I tell ya. its never a dull moment here.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Thank the Lord its a Brand new week.

Well this past week was a whirl wind. We have been busy. It started off Saturday Morning bright and early. Our church had a Egg hunt at the local park so we headed out there first.
here are the boys and a few EGG-hunt photos
this is of the boys in front of the sign

And this would be Capt-Egg Logan and Serg-Egg Brae (hehehe)
And Brae is OFF..... he was on a mission. there was NOOOO getting in his way. he had his eye on the prize.....


Than is was Logan's turn. Now Logan took a different approach
Have any of you ever seen those fish that follow sharks and feed off the scraps of what the sharks attacked? Well, that was Logan. Forget about fighting all the kids over the candy he hung back and picked up all the little pieces the other kids either didn't want or didn't see.
Here he is sitting in the Same spot picking up all the LEFT OVERS.

Oh he See's some more.....

And as all the other kids give up. Logan keeps searching. He is quite successful at this move. He finds quite a bit.

One more walk through before call it a success. Now look at the pride on his face. He hunted for candy and eggs without loosing the person he is. NO PUSHING, NO SHOVING, NO BEING RUDE OR DISRESPECTFUL and absolutely no ugliness. Logan is and always will amaze me at how he find joy and laughter in everything he does. Logan forever is happy and has a smile that melts my heart. I know that the Lord God Gave me Logan to teach me to be NICE. KIND, LOVING, and to always have a good attitude.

then we took The boys fishing for the first time on Saturday before church and Brae caught his first fish. Of course it was a little guy and we let him go. But Brae was so excited.

here Brae is with Nolan showing off the Catch of the day. HEHEHE

Then off to church we went. ( I'm sure we smelled like fish. HEHE ) but the Lord didn't mind.
we arrived home then ate dinner and the boys and Nolan and I dyed eggs. It was fun. here are a few photo's of the EGG-CITING EVENT.

and here is the final product. The boys had a great time. But in all honesty I think Nolan and I had way more fun.

then Sunday they woke up found their baskets and hunted the eggs the Easter Bunny hid. We talked alot about Jesus and all he did for us and why we celebrate Easter.
we headed to our friends to have dinner and visit then went fishing last night to see if there we any bitters. We had a few but the boats made it difficult to fish when they would fly by. So today we are heading back out to try and find the perfect fishing spot and to get Logan to catch a fish.

So that's all we have been up to this weekend. I hope and pray that you all had a very Happy Easter and Praised the Lord Our God for all he has done and will do.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Barefoot Books

Well after many prayers and reading all I could on the subject I have decided to become a barefoot stallholder. I have my fisrt event next Thursday and am super excited. I can't wait to get my website that I can post on here to get outside orders.

until then if you want to order anything let me know and I can give you my Stallholder number so you can order under me.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Corc's a diddle

Ok yesterday was Braedens 5th birthday. For his Birthday we went to Austin to the Museum and the IMAX to see the 3-D Under the Sea...
IF any of you have the chance to see this DO!!! this was my first 3-D experience and OH MY GOSH... it was FANTASTIC... sooooo worth the hour and a half drive.
The boys loved it. It made you jump a few times with the fish or cuttlefish I should say went after their prey.

But the best part of the day was going to the Croc's outlet... OH MAN I sooooo went nuts in there.

Now I have been eyeing them for a few years. And have wanted to buy them for the boys but something about spending 29.99 on a pair of shoes for me let alone my boys (who lets face it will out grow them in a month at the rate my boys grow. ) I just could not do it...

4.99 a PAIR at the outlet. granted I did pay 9.99 a pair for 3 different pairs. They were out of Braeden's sizes in the 4.99 a pair section.

then they had these bins of Men's that were 2.99 a pair. WOWZERS.....

so I bought Nolan two pairs ( he will not wear them out and about but for yard work and around here HECK YEAH )

so both boys received 3 pairs and Nolan 2 so for those who are a tad Math illiterate that's 8 pairs for 50 dollars...
I was SOOOOOO excited ( they didn't have any my size though so WHAAAA!!! but hey... I am liking what I did get... Thanks Joanna for letting me know about the sale )

so here is a picture of the croc's (not the ones I bought ) for those of you that have been living in a cave the last few years and have NO clue what they are..