Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mistakes I have made

I have made many mistakes in my life. I am a Champ at starting things and not finishing them. Take a look at this blog for example. I started it with the intention of helping others and then like all things I start I stopped and never finished it.
I look back on my life and its full of half finished things.
My biggest mistake by far though has been thinking for one lousy minute that I had what it took to homeschool my kids. THAT WAS A JOKE.....

I now look on it as the last 2 years of messing up my children and scaring them for life. I prayed and prayed about it. asked the Lord for guidance and to make sure that I was doing HIS WILL.

well I guess He has been to busy to answer for as of today NO HELP NOR GUIDANCE from the big man upstairs.

I am new to Christianity and I have tons of questions. And when I pray and pray and get no guidance I fall back on my REALLY IS THERE ROOM IN GODS PLACE FOR ME? and of course with no response from him I answer it myself with a resounding NO...

I have always said my kids come first and they do but I guess the last 2 years they in fact did not, For had they I would have let a smart educated teacher teach them and Not me a Joke of a teacher.

So I guess this year is a bust and this Fall I will put them in a REAL school where they can get a real education.

I guess I need to start fixing all my half finished projects and mistakes.

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