Saturday, March 21, 2009

Homeless in Texas

So my church goes to the local Homeless shelter once a month to feed the homeless. Now I admit when I first learned about it I was like NO WAY... then it was in November that my boys received the Toys R Us big book.
You all know the ones moms. its the one they send out right before Thanksgiving so your kids and Hound and beg you for EVERYTHING IN IT... anyways they were in the car looking at it as we were going somewhere and all I could hear in the back seat was


and I thought WHO ARE THESE KIDS? I had never heard my sweet boys talk like that. I mean we had tried to raise them to be thankful for what they had, not what they don't. So right then and there I was like
OH NO THEY DIDN'T SOMETHING IS GOING TO CHANGE.... that next week was our church;s week for the shelter and so Nolan and I decided to go..

and all I can say Is I am SOOOO glad we did. My boys LOVE going. they love going to meet the folks they talk to them they, ask them how they are, and they interact with them as if they were family members.
Now I know some folks mainly my family thinks it crazy we do it and that we EXPOSE our kids to it. ( I say its sad that many more parents DON"T EXPOSE their kids to it. I think kids would learn alot helping out ) and I am sad for them. for they will never know the joy it brings to my heart to see my two boys growing and living with Gods perfect caring grace through my boys.
like I have said many times before. If my boys live their lives walking with the Lord and doing his work i will die a happy woman.

I encourage each and every person that reads this to think about something they can do for their children to help out someone that is less fortunate than ourselves.

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