Thursday, January 8, 2009

Man Who KNEW?

After days of messing with this blog template I was trying to make my own. I gave up and used one from Pimp My Profile.

I am trying to start posting more. I am going to try and make this blog more interactive. We have had a crazy week. Ladie is sick with distemper. Brae has Strep and I woke up feeling like I had the flu.. But other than that its a beautiful 74 degrees out and I am sitting here watching the Chickens roam aimlessly in the from yard taunting Sparkey.

This year I vow to take more photo's of my kids and their day to day life. I also vow to become more spiritual and guide my boys down that path.

This is a new year and I am starting it off with a BANG I cut all my hair off and donated it for Locks for Love and am trying to cut sugar out of my daily life. So far I have cut back alot but still have the occasional sugar.
so here is to s new year and a new me...


Queen Mommy said...

Sugar is one of my downfalls too, but I know people who've been very successful as losing weight after giving it up. Good luck to you! I recommend lots of fruit!! :-)

Hope Brae and Ladie are feeling better soon!

Diary of a Crazed Mama.. said...

Thank you, Brae is feeling alot better and I see Ladie is acting Loads better. thanks for the encouragement, Now if only I could master the Lap booking.