Friday, January 9, 2009

LOVE the WHole Homeschooling

Ok there are days when I get down and think I am SOOOOO screwing my kids up by homeschooling them.
Then I go to one of my many favorite Homeschooling sites and become so encouraged its remarkable.

But as I was looking today I found this site that I LOVE.. and wanted to share with all the homeschooling moms.

this lady is a Genius... I recommend all homeschooling moms BOOKMARK her link....

As for today I am looking for a Multiplication Lap Book. I am SOOO not good at making them up myself. I need a Cheat sheet....

So I challenge all Home school moms and ALL public school moms to try and make a lapbook with your child. Its not only fun and educational but think of the quality time you will spend together, Not to mention I have learned so much doing them with Logan.

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Rebel said...

Thanks for the link to the site. It looks like they have some neat shirts.