Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Alittle update

So with the folks in town and the holidays coming its been a mad house here.

We had a terrific Thanksgiving the weather was great the kids played outside and My crazy mom thought she would BLOW all the leaves into a pile... HEHEHE... I laugh because I told her it was pointless that the leaves would be all over the next day... (BEEN THERE DONE THAT) she didn't believe me.... SUCKER!!!!!

the next morning when she dragged my butt outta bed at O GOSH THIRTY ( THATS 3AM for all you out there that didn't know.) she was APPALLED at all the leaves... SHE WAS LIKE...

WHAT THE HECK? I said I TOLD YOU SO..... I swear people never listen.....

Well the shopping was... well it just was lets leave it at that..... I did however get a new Christmas tree its so PRREETTYYY..... it was regularly 200 I got it for 49 WOOHOO.... my old tree died on me so we had to take it down and put the new one up... (YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT I HAD TO TAKE IT DOWN.... HOUSE HAS BEEN DECORATED FOR A FEW WEEKS)

Saturday we were supposed to go to Austin but decided to stay home and get a few things done.
Sunday we took the boys to Homestead Heritage to look around. The boys made Handmade soap. Felt soap a hand dipped candle and Logan did some Leather work and Brae went to the Blacksmith and made a bronze spoon. It was way cool. a bit chilly but still nice out. Of course Dad stayed home watching FOOTBALL.....

Monday was spent doing schoolwork with the boys and now its Tuesday and we are going to be gone for the day. We have Coop and Art so I will write more when we get that all done.

So thats what we have been up to... How about you?

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