Tuesday, November 4, 2008


OK so if you know me you know I am SOOOOO not a stressed person. I just don't do stress at all.... well yesterday I am trying to get schoolwork done and I look around and see all this stress just laying there waiting to leap onto me the moment I pass..

I have so many freaking projects going that I can't see straight.. AUGHHHH!!!!

here is my list of unfinished projects

Halloween Lapbook that is now put away and we will pick up next year

10 Thanksgiving lap books that I am putting together for the kids in coop

Logan's Pumpkin lapbook thank the Lord he finished it yesterday.

my 2 nieces Christmas gifts they each are getting 2

My nephews Christmas gift

My mom and sisters gifts

My fathers gift

finish getting the office put together and the craft closet organized

going through the boys clothes and getting rid of the small stuff

trying to find a home for the dogs Ladie and I am pretty sure Shiya as well

house work that I swear is never freaking ending.

I coach soccer and now am coaching basketball

my folks will be here in like 20 days so I need to get that stuff organized

and then all the errands that I have to run on top of all that... I am so disorganized....

so now I am off to get a cup of coffee and start my hectic day.

today I have to go to the store to the Christian book store to Logan and brae's art class and Brae has a Art show then I have a Stampin Up party so today will be another busy day...


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