Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's beging to look alot like Christmas..... here in our house.....

Yes we have officially started decorating for Christmas. I am sooooo excited I love, love, love my Christmas decorations. There is just something about a house being decorated for Christmas that puts an instant smile on my face.

Well Logan's team won the soccer game on Saturday 3 to 2 and then we did some yard work the rest of the day until it was time for Church. then Sunday was spent relaxing and doing more yard work and getting down Christmas decorations.

Nolan went to the Dr on Friday has a sever sinus infection. and so Saturday using the blower to blow the leaves and rake just aggravated his and my sinus then on Sunday today we burned and all the smoke I swear my eyes are on fire and my nasal passages are icky... I swear I need a Netty pot to clean my sinus out.

the boys and I got the tree up not decorated but up and a few decorations we will finish up tomorrow and I have to take Nolan to the eye Dr in the morning. the Turkey dropped his glasses then stepped on them and broke them and he is as blind as a bat so I will be taking him in the am to get new ones.

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