Thursday, October 23, 2008

Soccer Wow its been a great season.... The boys are having so much fun, I have the sweetest boys. So I thought I would share some photos of our last game.

other than soccer we have been super busy. We were gone all day Tuesday to coop art and basketball and then Wednesday we we gone most of the day to The world hunger relief farm for a field trip. it was so cool the boys tryed unpasturised goat milk and they really liked it. They learned all about composting and helping others.
We are also preparing for Oma and Big Daddy to arrive on the 24th of November. The boys are SOOOOOO EXCITED to see them. They ask daily when they will be here. I swear my kids are lucky to have a Oma and Big Daddy that they love to spend time with and that they in turn love to spend time with the boys. I am so blessed in that. they are wonderful grandparents to my boys.
Well Home schooling is going great Brae has done 3 lap books now.
A is for Adam
B is for Beatitude
and Creations.

we are currently working on a pumpkin lapbook and Logan asked to do a lapbook on Bears all the different kinds of bears... did you know that the koala bear is NOT a bear? neither did I... see I learned something new. and that the Sun bear that is the smallest of the bears is the most aggressive? and that the Brown bear and Grizzly are one in the same? see these are so interesting even I learn while doing them....

ok well I need to go do some school work. I will post more photos of the farm soon. and the lapbooks.

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