Monday, October 27, 2008

I never thought I would say this

But thank the Lord its Monday.... man we had a busy weekend. Friday I was down for the count with a migraine Saturday we had to get up at 6:30 for Logan's soccer pictures and game which they won. Then off to Lowe's to by shelves and ended up doing the kids building shop ran into Dan and Susan went to lunch with them came home Nolan started building the shelves and I was doing school prep Logan had a friend from soccer over so they all ran around and looked for snakes and bugs. then we all got cleaned up went to church then to take Caleb home and after all that it was 10 before we got home. Logan had a headache and crashed brae refused to go to bed said he was staying up building Lego ships 2 min later crashed on the couch and Sunday was spent cleaning house and relaxing then I took the boys to our Church fall festival at church then came home made dinner and watched so,me TV then to bed.... I swear our weekends fly by thankfully this weekend we have NO plans... the closets are done and we can relax and be a family,.

Sorry I have not had alot of funny things lately but been busy.... the boys are starting a Halloween lap book today so as soon as its done I will post pictures. also Brae is just about finished with his pumpkin lap book so I will post pictures on that soon.

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