Tuesday, October 28, 2008

coolest thing EVER....

ok so I am making this lap book and with the print outs it had these two sheets that had the alphabet on them. 1 was Old Tesitment and the other was New testiment well it said you can use them as place mats to help the kids. WELLLLL............ My crazy mind got to thinking. (yes my mind is a very SCARY PLACE... think ALIEN vs PREDITOR) ANYWHO I had this fabric and I got to thinking HMMMM...... (smell the smoke yet?)

anywho... what I did was cut up the alphabet into individual pieces and glued them onto a piece of fabric I had laying around. after doing that I got the brilliant idea to do the whole side with old testiment things like Creation. The 10 commandments and the books of the old testiment. this way while Brae is eating he can read it and learn the books of the old testiment and the alphabet and the 10 commandments. he already knows creation since he did a lap book on it.
the other side will be all new testiment things the alphabet and the the birth of our savior Jesus and the books of the new testiment and other things that I think he will enjoy. Now this photo is a work in progress once it is all done I will take it to Mardels ( its a Christian Book store ) and have it laminated. If it works out well I am going to make some other ones and see about selling them at the little craft outlet we have here. so with out further ado.... here is the almost finished product.

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