Wednesday, October 1, 2008

B is for Brae and Beatitude lap books

OK so first off. Whomever invented Lap books. I could so KISS THEM.... cause for those of you that know me and my kids you know that trying to get Brae to do any type of learning is IMPOSSIBLE.... he has the attention span of a freaking gnat. So when I downloaded the B is for Beatitude off of CurrClick I thought Maybe just Maybe Brae would like this...

AND BOY DID HE EVER... 3 hours straight he had the best time ever. He kept saying LETS DO MORE MOMMY... I am so incredibly proud of him. He did so well Of course the scissors were a bit of a challenge at first seeing how he is ambidextrous and uses both hands equally well. But all in all he did great and We are now working on A is for Adam and Gods Creation. I will post pictures of them when we finish those up. But for now I would like to advise all parents of kids weather they are home schooled or not MAKE A LAP BOOK WITH YOUR CHILD...they will cherish the time they spend with you and the book itself. and you will treasure the memories.

here are Braes pictures.


nolan said...

That is awesome, Brae is really coming around. Thanks for being sutch a great teacher/rollmodel to our children!

Love Nolan

Diary of a Crazed Mama.. said...

Ohhh your so sweet. Its a good thing you think that or its the couch for you buddie