Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Art, Art everywhere.....

This is Logans first attempt at free hand drawing. its a Horse that he apperently thought was part weiner dog. teehee... Got love him... So I thought I would share. I am so proud of him for trying and not giving up. Now Brae yeah this poor horse would have been torn to shreds and discarded. He has NOOOOOO patience. He is more my HANDS on demolish it and laugh kind of kid.

Although he is really digging his Bible study. He has been doing it with Nolan so its been a daddy and me kind of thing and here are his finished pages.
If you look carefully on the earth you will see his glitter. and the rainbow is actually a coffee filter that they painted to look like the rainbow. I think he did a Wicked Awsome job.
So maybe there is some artistic hope for him after all.
And now I wanted to share the Lap book the kids are doing in the Home School Coop. I am teaching the 13 colonies. and this is Folder one of the lapbook. Granted I put this one together for the kids to see. When Logan and Brae finish theirs I will post pictures.

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